When can I visit the property?

Tours of the property are by appointment only.  Please contact Chris Baldivid to set up your appointment.  (530) 391-1939 or email jen@walkerlandcompany.com

How many people does the house sleep?

The house sleeps 20 (with one “bunk room” sleeping 8).  It is included in the “Event Rental” price.  (Put in a link to the Old Polo Amenities page)

How many guests can Old Polo Estate accommodate for events?

Old Polo can accommodate 500 people (however, any groups over 300 will need to provide their own security approved by property management)

Where should our additional out of town guests stay?

We have another beautiful vacation rental in La Quinta that sleeps 16 that we would love to offer to you also.  Otherwise, here are some of our favorite places within 20 minutes of Old Polo.  (Please put in the WLC rentals link to La Quinta Casa)

Can I add additional nights to the vacation rental homes?

Of course we would love to have you stay longer and enjoy the beautiful valley, if the homes are available.  

Can we host other events on the property?

We would love for you to hold other events on-site. Welcome meet-n-greet, rehearsal dinner or send-off brunch* can be held at any of our locations on-site.  Please inform us of your full weekend itinerary prior to your stay, so we can plan accordingly to accommodate you in the best way possible. Old Polo Estate does require that any event with 50 guests or more is coordinated by your wedding planner. All matters of rentals, vendor logistics and parking must be arranged and facilitated by your coordinator.  In addition, any event outside of your wedding day that exceeds 100 guests will be subject to our Additional Event Fee. *late check out fees may apply

What is provided in our wedding package?

Two  night stay in our main Old Polo Estate house that sleeps 20 (with 8 in the “bunk room”).

  •  Bistro string lighting

  •  Plenty of electricity

  •  Ample on-site guest parking

  • Restrooms to accommodate up to 500 guests in the event area  Handicap accessibility

  •  Complimentary Wi-Fi

  •  On-site prep area and BBQ’s for catering

  •  Engagement photo session by your photographer (please schedule in advance)

  •  List of Preferred Vendors

BYO wine and spirits are welcome to be served by a licensed, insured and approved caterer or bartending service, no corkage fees applied

These basics provide a solid start to your wedding day while cutting cost from your rental order.  We do not provide tables, chairs, linen or table top elements, as these are handled through your coordinator or caterer.  Our Preferred Vendor List provides local sources for all of the additions that you may need.

Coordinator, caterer & other vendor requirements?

Our Preferred Vendor List is provided for you and is a good resource to build an awesome and trustworthy team of local vendors. We strongly recommend these vendors as we feel confident they will provide excellent service and care the day of your wedding.  We do operate with a closed catering list, meaning your caterer must be chosen from this list. We have put together a list that varies both in offerings and budget.  All of our caterers are happy to share menus and price estimates with you so that you can make a choice that meets your needs.

An independent planner for your wedding weekend is required.  This ensures your wedding day runs smoothly and your desires are followed.  We recommend that a full-service coordinator or planner is hired to assist you in the whole planning process.  Someone familiar with the property will be able navigate your plans very well.  In addition to your wedding day festivities, any other event on property with 50 or more guests must also have your coordinator involved.  We are happy to provide logistical support, recommendations and assistance with any facility matters.

You are welcome to choose vendors not on our preferred vendor list, but all must be approved and have met all applicable requirements prior to your event (signed vendor agreement, insurance, ServSafe certificate & vendor orientation).  We are happy to make these arrangements and coordinate all of the requirements with your vendors. We also recommend you share the requirements with your vendors prior to hiring them, ensuring that they understand the requirements of working at the Old Polo Estate.  Our vendor agreements are available to you to share with the vendors you are considering hiring.  If you are planning to hire someone that is not on our Preferred Vendor List - please make sure they know what is required, prior to signing a contract with them.  We will not be held financially responsible for vendors that have been hired that do not meet the outlined requirements.

We do respectfully maintain the right to refuse the service of any vendor not meeting our requirements.  If you have any questions regarding vendors at all, please discuss this with us prior to hiring.

Is there a noise curfew?

Old Polo is governed under the Riverside County Sound Ordinance which states that all amplified music must end at 10 pm.  This pertains to Live music, bands and DJ's. The ordinance applies to our event space as well as the home on property. 

Do you set up and break down the wedding?

Even though we do provide tables and other event equipment for your use, the Old Polo Estate does not set up or break down for your wedding. Set up and break down of any of our items is the responsibility of your coordinator and/or your caterer. The re-storage of these items is outlined in our required vendor agreements with both your coordinator and caterer. Photos of how your coordinator and/or caterer should store Old Polo equipment can be found in the events area prep garage. Greengate-owned items are for use in the event area only.

Is security required?

Any wedding with a guest count exceeding 300 people must provide adequate security for safety reasons. This will be at the guest's expense. We are more than happy to help schedule security services with our preferred security company. Please let us know in advance if you would like us to do so.

Can I bring my pet?

Children are always welcome, but please leave your furry friends and family at home.  We love pets also but we need to keep our home and plush greens, clean.  

Candles, confetti, sparklers & more?

No confetti, hay bales or sparklers are permitted on this property. Any violation of this policy will result in a charge.  No open flame candles are allowed, all candles must be contained one inch above flame level.  

Please note: no events shall utilize disposable plates, utensils, or glasses at Old Polo Estate.

May I serve hard alcohol and bring my own wine?

You are welcome to bring your own alcohol. All alcohol must be served by a licensed caterer, bartender or bar tending service. If you are selling alcohol, an ABC license must be obtained and presented to us.

What is the smoking policy?

Absolutely no smoking is permitted in our homes or event areas. As our guest, it is your responsibility to inform your visiting guests of this policy. Designated smoking areas are in the parking lot ONLY.  No smoking will be permitted outside of this area, doing so will jeopardize the return of any security deposit collected.

Can my guests leave their cars at the estate overnight?

Cars may be left overnight in designated parking areas, including the Parking Lot and the designated overflow parking. They must be moved by 10:00 am the morning after your event. Any vehicles left on site past the following day of the event will be towed at the owner's expense.

When can I set up for my wedding?

Unless otherwise arranged, rental for Old Polo Estate is for 24hr time periods, from 10AM - 10AM.  When we have multiple weekend events, the house will not be ready until 4PM (except the Bridal Quarters). (You are welcome to rent the house for additional nights and we are happy to have you host rehearsal dinner, Bridal Party send off brunch or photo sessions on the property, for groups under 50 persons).   We allow your rental companies to deliver your event rentals starting at 9AM the day of your event. You also have access to the event space upon your check-in and have the ability to set up any decor . The event area is accessible during business hours on the days outside your wedding day, and from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm on your wedding day.

All items (personal, rental, decor, tables, chairs, etc.) must be taken down the night of your event, before 11:00 pm and stored accordingly. We do not allow any of our Old Polo owned event equipment to be set up outside overnight.  In addition to this, we do not allow any equipment whatsoever to remain on any of our lawn areas overnight - we love our lawns and work incredibly hard to keep them in perfect condition for event purposes. This includes chairs, tables, arches, trailers, and any other equipment or decor.  If you or your planner have any questions regarding event area access or equipment storage, please contact our Director of Events.  

Can I leave décor, rentals, tables chairs etc in the barn after my event?

No, we require all items be removed from the lawns by 11:00 pm the night of the event. There are exceptions to this when there are rental companies picking up rental items on a different date than the event date. In this case, items can be stored until the following morning at 10 am. We want to make sure everything is squared away well in advance of your weekend with us, to ensure your Wedding Weekend runs as smoothly as possible for you and all of your vendors!

Are there additional fees or expenses?

We've done our best to make expenses simple for you by including basic amenities. We do not charge a service fee, corkage fee, clean up fee or cake cutting fee.

A day-of liability insurance is required, naming Walker Land Company as additionally insured. Often this can be obtained through your homeowner's policy. Policies are also available through Cover My Events or Wed Safe. Generally, this cost is between $150 to $300.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

In addition, any event outside of your wedding day that exceeds 100 guests will be subject to our Additional Event Fee.

Any additional services arranged at your request by Old Polo Estate, such as massages or personal chef services would incur associated costs.