Overlook at Tahoe

Around Here

It's no secret that Tahoe has so much to offer. Whether you're wanting to relax in one of nature's most beautiful places, or enjoy the lively city, there's plenty to do for every kind of traveler!

To Do

  • Enjoy the lake: Obvious- yes, worthy of mentioning- also yes. The crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe are unbeatable. With plenty of sandy beach space and cool summers, you may not want to leave.
  • Enjoy the hidden lakes: So you love water, but not crowds? There are lots of less populated lakes in the Tahoe area that are just as beautiful! Fallen Leaf Lake, the Angora Lakes, and Eagle Lake to name a few.
  • Ski and Snowboard: Maybe its not exactly lake weather during your visit- instead of hitting the beach, hit the slopes! Tahoe is known for their amazing ski resorts, great for beginners to experienced ski and snowboarders. If you need some suggestions, check out Heavenly Ski Resort, Sierra at Tahoe, Northstar, and Kirkwood!
  • Heavenly Resort: Heavenly Resort also has more to offer than just skiiing and snowboarding. See Lake Tahoe from above the hustle and bustle on the Heavenly Gondola, or get down in the snow on a UTV tour. Heavenly Resort has many options for those looking for adventure. 
  • Shop: 'til you drop. Tahoe has lots of options when it comes to shopping. From outdoor gear to jewelry and everything in between, check out the wide selection here!
  • Golf: What better way to play golf than one of the most serene places California has to offer? Check out the Lake Tahoe Golf Course or Tahoe Paradise Golf Course.
  • Check out the local events: Lake Tahoe always has something going on- whether it's a wine tasting event, concert, or sports competition (or anything in between), there is almost guaranteed to be something happening nearby during your trip. Check out the event calendar here!
  • Take a Hike: Tahoe is home to some of the most beautiful hiking trails with stunning views. Below are a few Tahoe favorites:
    • Mt. Tallac: The Mt. Tallac hike allows you to get an amazing view of Lake Tahoe from high above the crowds.
    • Mt.Ralston Peak Trail: Near twin bridges, this hike offers an unbeatable view of lakes, forest, and wild flowers. Bring your hiking shoes, this one is 6.5 miles!
    • Grass Lake Trail: In only two miles this hike boasts not only a quiet lake, but beautiful waterfalls along the way.
    • Meeks Bay Trail: This beautiful 10 mile hike takes you back into the woods to two secluded lakes set in the mountains.
    • (PS, Check out our blog for more information and photos!)